Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mirror Image Twin Souls

Several years before I had met with an astrologer who read my "ole leaves". He had described a white man whom I will meet and marry. Ever since, as an ongoing joke with a friend, every white man walking into our office became the potential "one", whom we would scrutinise for "suitability". Naturally, T became a potential "ONE" and what started out as a joke turned out to be my twin soul roller coaster ride. So one can imagine the frightfully unaware path I was on. Continuing with our little joke, I took a bet with my friend on T's astrological sign and challenged her to ask him. She got up to the challenge and walked straight into T's office, almost daring me to go in with her. So there we were in T's office, asking him his astrological sign and birth date. When I calculated his birth numbers, I almost fell off my chair. His birth numbers were diametrically opposite to mine. He is a 4 & 9 and I am a 9 & 4. We were both water signs born in the same year. At the time I did not know what that meant but something inside me was churning and I just could not describe it nor explain it. I came away feeling very happy in a strange way and almost as if I had just stepped into a different world altogether.

Much later I realised, through an intuitive answer, the significance of the opposed numbers. It is Yin and Yang of twin souls. Our numbers make a complete circle and creates complete balance.

If one was to write the numbers in this manner 4----9 and directly below 9----4 and form a square, add each side, every side is either 9+4 or 4+9 that equals 13, and 1+3is 4. 4 is the number on all four sides of that expression. When we use the expression on "all fours" it means balance or the exact same. It is also the numerological expression of Yin-Yang sign. Another explanation is that we are opposites, if you took a paper drew 9 dots on the left side and 4 dots on the right and held it up to a mirror, you would see the 4 dots on the left side and the 9 dots on the right side. This tells me that he is a mirror image of me.

During the meeting with one's twin soul, the entire universe seems to come together to give you the answers that you are seeking. Everything around you seems to be involved in a huge conspiracy, from the newspapers and television to the things people say, books you read and roadside billboards all seem to hold an answer that is meant just for you. My questions of the significance of the number 4 was answered at my nephew's wedding. The priest made it his personal mission to explain and drive the meaning of the number 4. Why does the couple have to circumbulate the fire 4 times? When you are single you have two hands and two legs. When you get married, husband and wife become one and they have 4 legs and 4 hands. Just like a car can only move smoothly on 4 wheels because it has balance. So too a husband and wife must work in balance and move in the same direction. BALANCE! Perhaps T's path crossed with mine to help me or help both of us balance our energies and balance out karmic imprints. Certainly, the Yin-Yang balance was very significant.

As the conversation progressed and we spoke about personal interests, I suggested that T reads a book that I had been reading, the book by Eckhart Tolle “A New Earth”. To my surprise and I am sure to T’s utter surprise, I offered to give him the book. Catching myself in surprise as well, I thought to myself, “What in the world? how and where did that come from? Uh!! Err!!...Ah!!...from my MOUTH!!!; what was I thinking?!!!”.

Okay so I made the promise, the proper thing to do is follow through on the promise, it was very unlike me to make a promise and not honour it. So I went out bought the book and 2 days later gave him the book. As I gave him the book, I said to him something to the effect that; I don’t know how much the book was going to benefit him because I suspect he has already experienced or naturally has the spiritual depth that the book seeks to convey and that he knows it at an intuitive level far more than he cares to let up. At this point we were both walking towards the front door of the office, and he was walking closely behind me along the corridor. Intuitively, I looked over my shoulder at him, and instantly felt completely ONE with him. I felt to myself, “THIS IS THE WAY it should be. PERFECT, this is HOME, this is HOME; I am COMPLETE”. He must have picked up on my feelings, walking away, he looked at me with love filled eyes, and said, he will call me and let’s take this “one step at a time”. As he left and walked out the front door, a strong wave of ENERGY swept over me. It was like being close to a fire and the warmth of the fire just envelopes your whole being inside and out. Momentarily it felt like an out of body experience and I could not understand it nor comprehend it. The Yin and Yang joined to become a complete circle. The mirror image was but ONE. It was a tremendous sense of COMPLETENESS!

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